inspired by our experience – individually designed with you, for you !


Yoga is a supreme method of self-development and improvement.

The integral system of physical postures and breathing techniques defines your functioning.

Weekly practice improves your physical state, enabling self-control, equanimity, inner harmony and peace with your surroundings.

Yoga cultivates mind-body awareness, the sense of being able to feel the activity in the body – to observe the flow of thought and emotion.  
This increases mindfulness and brightens your mood.

Let yoga become a transformative practice for you, enhancing your lifestyle - your thoughts, actions and health.  Breathe to live happily !


Rymarquable mentors guide you in yoga postures (asanas), explaining the processes in the body and the mind.  Engage and feel each muscle, one by one.

The pace of each session is adapted to suit your physical and emotional state.

With each asana, you ask a question.  With each answer you learn to understand better your body and mind. 

With each session, the answers become more gratifying as your health and confidence are enhanced.

  Join us also for a tour of spa, fitness and yoga retreats in London and the Cotswolds, England.

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