EquestrianEnglandExperience        … a journey in the English equestrian lifestyle and sport :  dressage, showjumping, eventing, racing and polo, with a native mentor for

•   a discovery in English language and literature, including our  Looking for Jane Austen  programme  

•  spa, fitness & yoga retreats in the Cotswolds

•  concerts, dance, ballet and theatre in London, incl. The Royal Albert Hall and The Opera House.

Whether you are a horse lover (even one who has never touched a horse), a casual rider or an equestrian professional, we welcome you to live in the Rymarque family for a week or a few.


Freely participate in our training, working life in the stables and the excitement of competitions.

Join us at the Royal Ascot !

You can also visit veterinaries, farriers, saddle fitters, breeders, physios, trainers and other specialists in which you have a particular interest.

8 RLW trio 1000

Come for the ride of your life !                                                           


Rebecca Lee-Woolf



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